FAQ - High energy performance labels

The THPE EnR label (2005)

Currently, a house corresponding to the thermal regulations 2005 (RT 2005) consumes an average of 91 and 150 kWh/m2.

The THPE 2005 label– a high energy performance :

It corresponds to a conventional energy consumption that is 10% less than the conventional reference consumption of the thermal regulations 2005.

The THPE EnR 2005 label

The HPE label 2005 with additional requirements for the installation of renewable energy equipment for heating, and eventually the production of hot water : a boiler using biomass, especially wood.

Classification of buildings

Depending on the level of annual consumption of primary energy in kWh per m²

The THPE EnR label (2005)

As for appliances, there are seven levels ranging from economical housing (Class A), with an annual consumption of primary energy for heating, hot water and cooling below 51 kWh/m2/year up to a full energy consuming building (G).

This indicator should be complemented by a breakdown between renewable and fossil fuels and an estimate of the cost in euros including subscriptions and contributions to global warming kg equivalent CO2 m2/year.

The level of consumption covered by the current thermal regulations (RT2005) and future (Law of the Grenelle Environment) is :
151 kWh/m2/year
(level D)
120 kWh/m2/year
(level C)
50 kWh/m2/year
(level A)
0 kWh/m2/year
Energy-plus building (BEPOS)

High energy performance labels :

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