FAQ - Renewable energySolar thermal energy
Le solaire thermique  

Solar thermal energy uses sun to heat water or air. There are also so called "high temperature" solar cells that produce electricity by steam turbines.

(Photo: solar sell CLIPSOL, integrated in the facade)

The thermal solar cell is a very simple technique that consists of implementing the greenhouse effect in boxes exposed to the sun.

Domestic hot water :

A coolant is first circulating in the panel, then in the sanitary water tank before heating the water. An extra energy source is necessary to maintain a constant supply of water at the desired temperature. This supplement may be made by conventional electrical resistance, by a heat pump or by a boiler able to use renewable energies.

Underfloor Heating :

The solution is the same but it is to channel the fluid heated by the panels in the floor called "heating". In this case it is a direct solar floor. It is also possible to pass through a heat exchanger which recovers and distributes solar heat between sanitary water and heating.

Warming of the air in the house by solar panels :

One can just circulate the air in the panel of the facade. The cooler air of the house gets into the panel at the bottom and evacuates mechanically at the top, charged with the heat emitted by solar radiation.Les énergies renouvelables

Renewable Energy

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